Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

SNW 19: Gerero

The veterans continued training at Scorching Plateau, finding HQ Ruby x3, Sword Breaker x2, Lv.96 Enchantment Chip x2, and Atomic Glacial Strike Ring. The family received a Mystery Box for participating in a forum contest. Sadly, the box dropped Expert Survival Manual (+20% drop rate for 30 days), instead of Emilia the Sage (INT 8).

For the first time, the veterans managed to find Gerero before anybody else did. (When v3.0 comes, it is going to be even harder to find him, since everyone then would want to kill him... The poor thing.) The family managed to fight him solo. Gerero died and dropped Lv.96 enchantment chip, Lv.96 bracelet, and other assorted stuffs. No elite equipment though. Well, at least they will help in making a Lv.100 chip.

The family went on 2 treasure hunts this week, but both treasures were found by another family named Erisia instead. Ugh! Adorabelle (elementalist) went and bought Elementalist Hat from Andre out of sheer frustration resulting from the failed treasure hunts. On the other hand, Gracielo began his Warrior's Path to Humility.