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Broche in the Wetlands

Yesterday, I encountered Broche, clan leader of Arachnid, in Bahamar Wetlands. He suddenly showed up near my team (probably warped over), then started to kill and loot. I was using a pet then, so my family probably looked AFK. I tried using a few skills to show that I'm active. But after a while, it became evident that he is botting, probably with basic modified AI since the advanced botters can relog and warp back when dead.

This is why I think he is botting...
  1. He doesn't respond in any way when I tell him to please move on and not to KS.
  2. He picks up all loots, including a rifle bullet that I dropped despite using a Claude-Fighter-Scout team. (No pet is used.)
  3. He still doesn't respond when I summoned Thoracotomy x3 on him. (I wanted to report him, but no AM was online then.)
  4. He doesn't use skills when fighting the 3 bosses.
  5. He doesn't say anything (not even a "wtf!") or logout after he died. He just stayed there rotting in the swamp.
Now, I don't mind him botting so much. There will always be botters on MMOs. I tend to ignore bots so long they are not bothering me. KS-ing in my spot is another matter. The map is so damn big, why can't he bot elsewhere?

Moral of the Story:
If you wanna bot, don't bot in other people's spot!
Otherwise, players who normally ignore bots might feel compelled to do something about you.


Annette said…
Hear hear! I feel your pain. Worse still when I click Report Bot and it bounces back with a negative. Grrr....