Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Chat Commands

Most players are familiar with the chat command to display a clan profile, as such:

/partyprofile clan_name .... display the clan profile.

But there are several other chat commands (entered into the chat window) available. You must have the proper authority for some commands, i.e. you cannot kick a member unless you are the leader or vice-leader. (Clans are also known as factions in other editions of GE.)

/partycreate clan_name ... create a clan.
/partyban family_name ... kick a family from the clan.
/partyinvite family_name ... invite a family to join the clan.
/partydestroy ... delete a clan.
/partyout ... leave an existing clan.
/partyprofilesave profile ... save a profile (description shown in clan profile) for the clan.
/partynoticesave notice ... save a notice (message shown in clan chat whenever a member moves to a new map) for the clan.
/partymembertitle family_name clan_title ... save a title for the designated family in the clan.
/partymembermemo family_name clan_memo ... save a memo for the designated family in the clan.
/partyviceappoint family_name ... appoint family as vice-leader of the clan.
/partyvicedismiss family_name ... dismiss family as vice-leader of the clan.
/partydeclare clan_name ... declare war on the specified clan.

Some more chat commands involving the cash shop:

/cashshop ... open the cash shop window.
/getcashitem ... load premium item.
/takecashitem ... receive premium item.


Von Fergieno said…
is there a way to request a trade with other players using chat type command...? cause sometime, when you're trading to someone, you accidentally clicked the wrong family... if it is, it will be easier to trade to someone even there is so many players like in town...
Ashardalon said…
Hm. Not as a chat command, as far as I know. But if you only want to trade with 1 specific family most of the time (e.g. alt family), you can use a custom hotkey to specify ReqTrade("family_name"). The family has to be on the same map/channel.