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And that day will two monsters be parted, one monster, a female named Leviathan in order to dwell in the abyss of the ocean over the fountains of water; and (the other), a male called Behemoth, which holds his chest in an invisible desert whose name is Dundayin, east of the garden of Eden.
- 1 Enoch 60:7-8

Behemoth, also known in Arabic as Bahamut, is the unconquerable king of beasts in Jewish legends, created on the 6th day along with all other mammals. God created male and female Behemoths, but stripped the male of its sexual urges to prevent its offspring from overwhelming the world.

Like the other 2 great monsters Leviathan and Ziz, Behemoth is destined to serve as a delicacy for the pious in the world to come, as a reward for abstaining from the pleasures of the circus and its gladiatorial contests. Under the command of God, Behemoth and Leviathan will duel each other, ending in mutual destruction.

In the Arabic version, Bahamut is a vast fish that supports the earth.

Ziz (top), Behemoth (left), and Leviathan (right)

Source: Jewish Heritage Online MagazineWikipedia