[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

GE Christmas 2008

It is now less a week before Christmas. The team for sGE has already announced several Christmas events/gifts. White Christmas included free Ruldoph Hat and Santa Hat. Hrin's Blog mentioned the upcoming Angel Hat and Ruldoph Back Costume.

Naughty Or Nice? Event offers 1 out of 3 items chosen from a list for posting some Christmas-related art pieces in the forum. The list includes Le Blanc, Lv.92 Elite Armor Recipes, Lv.92 Elite Weapons, Lv.100 Standard Elite Weapons (AR30), RNPC Cards (Catherine, Adelina the Pirate, Romina, Claire), Old Journal 10, 70k G-Points, etc.

The healer/buffer pet has also been released in sGE. See Button-Eyed Broomy.

On the other hand, Sword of the New World still does not have an official announcement about Christmas. There will be no holiday patch. All there is so far is a sneak preview by AM-Neume in SNW Holiday forum topic. Sword team needs to get their act together.

Update: The Angel Band hat and Rudolph Doll back costume are free for every 70,000 G-Points top-up from 22 Dec 2008 to 12 Jan 2009. See here.