Update v27.96.08 v27.93.80 delayed to May 30, 2017. Best Blowout Support Event until July 04.  

As expected, IAHGames is trying to get new players in the new Giovanni server to rush to veteran/expert status by providing some incentives. See Giovanni Opening Events for more details.

All families that reached veteran status by 22 Jan 2009 (i.e. 1 month from server launch) will get Expert Combat Manual x1, Expert Tactics Manual x1, and Expert Field Manual x1 (all 1-day duration). If they completed the pioneering quests up to Ustiur, they'd also get Lucifer Wings (7-days) x1, Devil Wing (7-days) x1, and Epic Glazium x100.

The first expert character in the server to complete Bahama pioneering quests will get 3 serpent weapons, 3 Le Noir armors, or Selva RNPC card. Naturally, to be the first, players will be burning lots of Combat Manuals and Ancient Territory Passes. Another money-making strategy. Ka-ching! $$$

Why pay to get me, when I'd be in next update scheduled in Jan 2009?