Update v27.96.08 v27.93.80 delayed to May 30, 2017. Best Blowout Support Event until July 04.  

One of the files patched in sGE v3.4 is portrait.bmp within ui.ipf. This file contains the head icons used besides character HP/SP bars and, for pets, in pet window (Alt-P). There are a few interesting head icons. Here is a resized sample of the file.

Notice the following head icons...

  • Column 1: Sir Lyndon.
  • Column 6: Selden, GM, Unknown Woman (below Adelina), Fritz.
  • Column 7: Dilos Latemn, Sierra, Dr. Torsche, Novia, Princess Gabriela, Leonore, Simon, Montoro.
Playable characters in development? Or more likely, characters for GM use during events. You can extract portrait.bmp from ui.ipf using IPF Extractor. You can then edit the .bmp file and use the head icons for forum avatars, signatures, etc.


can you help me download newest ge sound file ( se.ipf ) plz ?
my se.ipf is ver 2.9, doesnt have new NPC voice :(
thanks you :)

se.ipf of ge Korean and Japanese :D

You can download se.ipf for jGE (v3.4) and kGE (v3.5) here.

This portraits used in game for quest talk box, Example - when Novia talk with u in Ice Tower in chat box u can see her small portrait

What's "quest talk box"? If you mean the rectangular box with head (e.g. Gerero's "Ugh! NAME, I will kill you!"), then this isn't it.

Those rectangular boxes can also be found in ui.ipf, but they aren't part of portrait.bmp.

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thanks you, i got it :) it's a .exe file, hope it doesnt contain virus...
thank you again :D

se.ipf ver Jap dunt have Hellena voice T_T huhu

yes, I think about it's
"rectangular box with head (e.g. Gerero's "Ugh! NAME, I will kill you!"
so I really surprised about if sGE will make this characters playable