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Coimbra Shuffle!! for jGE has been updated for 23-30 June 2009. You may check on the website during the promotion period and view close-up shots. JavaScript must be enabled.

All weapons above are veteran exclusive. Although not specifically stated, Silver Feet should be similar to other Silver series weapons (e.g. Silver Striker, Crystal Shooter). This means it should be Lv.92 with AR 30.

Other stuffs include Elite Schvarlier Armor, Elite Le Blanc (mus), Steel Rook (chess blunt), Elite Daemon Slayer, Crystal Shotgun (ATK Speed +10%), Elite Metallic Suit, and Elite Pendera Jacket.


That new Vincent costume is ugly. >.> Makes him look like another Lorch boy scout.

Dragon stuff looks pretty nifty though.

lol the cat hat is nice, as always the dragon equip rocks

Woohoo!! Romina's breast is so nice with new costume :X