Singapore server is closing on April 27, 2017 (Thu) at 12:00 hours (UTC+8).  

The loot table for sGE's ABS has been updated again. Top loots are the summer costumes for female elementalist, male elementalist, and female wizard.

Prized loots are Sylph Wings (365-days), Fairy Wings (365-days), Elite Magic Broom, Toy Hammer, Brown/White Cow costumes/hats, and assorted Traditional Korean costumes. The forum posters are saying that the Toy Hammer in this version turns out to be AR32 like a Chess series blunt, instead of AR30 (jGE version).

Toy Hammer is Lv.100; Shiny Broom is Lv.92.

For more screenshots, see Magic & Stars article.

Since 02 June 2009, sGE players can no longer convert G-Points (cash shop credits) to ABS. See official notice here. The suspension may be due to concerns about under-aged gambling. At the moment, it seems that 70k G-Points GVC (i.e. SGD 60.00) will grant only 30 free ABS. See here.

Update: Kaioujin stated here that... "Toy Hammer's AR will be reverted to 30 with the V3.4." This probably also means it will be reduced back to Lv.92 with base ATK 239.