Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 142: Asoka

The family traded away +6 The Intuition of Al-Rischa [ATK 29%, Golem 86% • 3S: ATK 7% x2, Penetration +6], a complete set of Constellation Symbols, 16 Ancient Runes - Te, 50 Ancient Runes - An, and 1 AR33 Shooting Weapon Crystal. In return for which, the family gained a rare character as a new member! Selene (Asoka) was named after the moon goddess who was in love with the eternally sleeping Endymion in Greek mythology.

The family spent 1 day training in Secret Citadel within Caebolan. Athena (f/fig) reached Master Lv.6, while Selene (Asoka) and Ishtar (Valleria) reached Expert Lv.5 and Lv.6 respectively. Active leveling with Heavenly Vespanola Soldiers is just so monotonous and boring. I have no idea how people managed it for hours without dozing off. Selene (Asoka) also mastered [Sect of Moonlight] stance, which she bought for 1,000,000 feso.

The family traded a set of Constellation Symbols, 35 Ancient Runes - Ti, 44 Ancient Runes - Ar, and 1 HQ Obsidian for a +4 The Passion of Regulus 3S (great sword) as a gift for Selene (Asoka). Eisheth (Crazy Emilia) opened her coat's 3rd socket after 11 attempts. Sacharissa (Idge) also crafted Magic Leather Belt. Since the family is still accumulating chips, the belt will be left alone for now.

The family purchased 40 White Tiger Boxes, and still couldn't get the freaking (untradable) pet. This is really frustrating, considering that the family was "bugged" out of the Year of the Tiger event in Jan 2010 during the 2nd event week. Back then, G1 collected names and account information from those affected in order for IMC to rectify it... and came back with NOTHING! No pet, no solution... the unfortunate bugged players were just summarily ignored. So now, we have the random boxes with with stupidly low drop rate. Someone even bought 200 boxes and didn't get a single White Tiger. [Source] These 40 boxes dropped:
  • 8 x 1 Honor Card B (reputation points +500)
  • 6 x 2 Strength Potions
  • 5 x 1 Secret Area Pass (1 day)
  • 5 x 3 Crystal Wings (7 days)
  • 4 x 10 Triumph Fillers
  • 4 x 100 Pet Food
  • 3 x 3 L100 Enchantment Chips
  • 3 x 5 Earth Stones (10,000 feso each)
  • 2 x 1 Survival Manual (drop rate +15% for 15 days)
Great. The bloody wings just took up the already sorely limited inventory/vault space. The pet food turned out to be the useless display item in the Feso Shop, so players have to wait for G1 to rectify it while it took up even more space in the inventory. (See "100 Pet Food" topic.) The family still have 288,225 Reputation Points. As if the stupid raid roulettes didn't give enough Honor Cards, the boxes have to drop it too! Ugh!

The raid roulettes of the week were:

Joaquin Underground Prison
  1. Qualified Earring, Honor Card B
  2. Assassin Gloves, Portable ASO Box
  3. None (Disconnection)
  4. Exclusion Ring, Portable ASO Box
  5. Chevalier Gauntlets, Portable ASO Box
  6. L92 Elite Weapon, Honor Card B
  7. L100 Weapon, Honor Card B
Dr. Torsche's Basement
  1. L100 Armor, Honor Card B
  2. L100 Armor, White Gold Bar
  3. None (Disconnection)
  4. 2 L100 Weapons
  5. Silver Earring, L100 Weapon
  6. 2 L100 Weapons
  7. L100 Armor, Honor Card B
Other loot included Symbol of Aries and Symbol of Cancer from Griffon mission; and Symbol of Taurus and Symbol of Capricorn from Team Arena. The family only did 3 Bounty Hunts and 3 Castilla Mine missions this week. There is really no time to do so many things. 

Bounty Hunts: 2 Sedecram + 1 Bahamar
  1. 4 Veteran Tokens, 1 Portable ASO Box, 1 Honor Card B
  2. 3 Veteran Token, 3 L100 Weapons
  3. 2 Veteran Tokens, 1 Honor Card B, 1 Portable ASO Box, 1 L100 Armor, Artisan's Grieves Recipe
Castilla Mine
  1. 1 Rough Stone, 5 L100 Weapons
  2. 2 Rough Stones, 1 L100 Armor, 1 Ancient Relic, 1 L84E Weapon, 1 Pure Gold Bar
  3. 1 L100 Armor, 2 L84E Armor, 1 L84E Weapon, 1 Pure Gold Bar

The game is getting boring and annoying again. That probably contributed to the acquisition of Asoka in the first place. Essential cash shop items in market are still expensive, so finishing up weapons and armors is a nuisance. The tiger drop rate simply sucks balls, and since the pet box is not tradable, everyone is forced to spam those boxes. For players who don't spam cash shop, it is somewhat hard to get things done lately.

This week's Colony War saw some real action. A few colonies were really attacked, instead of having only a few invisible teleporters fooling around. There was no change in colony holdings, however.

The family experienced 8 disconnections this week, disrupting 1 Joaquin Underground Prison mission and 1 Torsche's Basement mission, as well as Colony War.