[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Sword 141: Catherine Trinity

Artemisia (Calyce) reached Master Lv.6. Mystra (f/wiz) and Tsurara (Soso) mastered [Darkness] (Lv.16 → 25) and [Hapkido] (Lv.17 → 25) stances respectively. The family also recruited 2 more robots to keep Galatea (Catherine STR) company. Cameron (Catherine INT) was named after the cyborg played by Summer Glau in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles series, while Arcee (Catherine DEX) was named after the female Autobot in The Transformers animated series.

Symbol of Sagittarius, Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Cancer, and 2 Symbols of Virgo came out of Team Arena, which will eventually be restricted to 1/day per family in the next patch v6.7. This will make it impossible for alternate/mule families to start multiple missions. (See 6.7 Patch Team Arena forum topic.) Griffon mission dropped Symbol of Aries and Symbol of Cancer, while Artisan's Grieves Recipe was recovered from Torsche's Basement.

The family took note of the roulette rewards for 2 other raids this week.

Bounty Hunt: 2 Sedecram + 1 Bahamar
  1. 6 Veteran Tokens
  2. 4 Veteran Tokens, 2 L100 Weapons
  3. 5 Veteran Tokens, 1 Portable ASO Box
  4. 3 Veteran Tokens, 1 Honor Card B, 2 L100 Armors
  5. 4 Veteran Tokens, 1 Honor Card B, Artisan's Shoes Recipe
  6. 2 Veteran Tokens, 2 Portable ASO Boxes, 2 L100 Weapons
  7. 3 Veteran Tokens, 3 L100 Armors

What a crap load of Veteran Tokens. Is this worth the time and reputation points? I'm not so sure.

Joaquin Underground Prison
  1. None (Disconnection)
  2. Honor Card B x2
  3. Marcia Poleax Recipe, Portable ASO Box
  4. Aiming Gloves, Honor Card B
  5. Qualified Metal Belt, Portable ASO Box
  6. Mystic Shoes, L100 Weapon
  7. Magic Leather Belt Recipe, Assassin Gloves
The belt recipe probably made it worthwhile, but Sacharissa (Idge) cannot craft it yet as the family was still missing a few materials. Also, a squad member got Elite Le Noir (fig) Recipe from Joaquin roulette this week.

The family took Mystra (f/wiz) out on a test run during Colony War, but the few enemies were just running, teleporting, or getting knocked down by others most of the time. Hm. The family may have to craft another staff, or perhaps a rod, for non-daemon use by Eisheth (Crazy Emilia).

The family experienced 15 disconnections this week, disrupting 1 Joaquin Underground Prison mission, 1 Castilla Temple loading, and 1 Colony War zoning. There was an extra emergency maintenance as well. It always amuses me that the servers get more lag immediately after every maintenance.


Reno said…
Ash, where do you train your masters?
Ashardalon said…
Hm. Actually, I don't really set out to train my masters, since High Master promotion is still nowhere in sight even for kGE v8.x. (What's the point of getting to Master Lv10 100% and then become stuck there?)

But my masters leveled anyway as a result of raiding (e.g. Torsche's Basement, Joaquin, Arsene's Circus, Team Arena) and farming (e.g. ancient runes in Errac).
Reno said…
I see. Thanks for the info xD