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Portable Ammo: 10,000 or Unlimited for 1-day?

With the new Feso Shop Update for Sword 2, there are 2 types of Portable Ammo Boxes. The new box grants unlimited ammo for 1 day, usable by 1 character at a time. The old box drops 10,000 ammo instead.The table below compares the cost in feso of both types of ammo boxes. Ratio refers to how many old ammo boxes you can buy instead of buying 1 of the new ammo box.

Portable Ammo Box 1-day 10,000 Ratio
Steel Bullet 1,550 F 40 F 1:39
Pistol Bullet 1,800 F 12 F 1:150
Rifle Bullet 1,100 F 10 F 1:110
Buckshot 2,900 F 20 F 1:145
Heavy Shell 1450 F 40 F 1:36
Bolt 850 F 13 F 1:65
Gunpowder Bolt 460 F 30 F 1:15

For example, a portable daily pistol bullet box for 1 character will be equivalent to 1,500,000 pistol bullets from the old portable boxes. Unless you really need to AFK long enough to fully expend 32,767 bullets, it is probably more cost efficient to use the old boxes instead, even though our our daily ammo boxes are relatively cheap. For Korean Silver Server v5.0.20,  the daily ammo boxes cost 10,000 feso each. For Singapore servers v6.3, the daily ammo boxes cost 40,000-50,000 feso each.

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