Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Magic Score: May 2011

GE Korea web game, Magic Score, is now available during May 19-25, 2011. You can access the web game via [Korea] GE Event List. The key features are 2 new weapon costumes. Other rewards include 7-days Rumin (aka Jewel) which are used for costume sockets. For more high quality screenshots, click on the links below at Habiton Guild page.

The Philosophy of Ventuamos • Weapon Costume (Rapier)

The Secret of Aquichtus • Weapon Costume (Dagger)

Other Weapon Costumes
You can find information on other weapon costumes at The Wordwood: 그라나도 에스파다. Screenshots can be found at [GE] 무기 코스튬 : 안타깝게도 우리나라엔 이것밖에 없구나 (추가).