[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

GE Indonesia v3.2.4

I kept forgetting to check out the newest regional edition of Granado Espada - Indonesia, managed by Lytogame. Anyway, the official website is http://ge.lytogame.com. For some weird reasons, they don't include version numbers in their news updates. According to a shoutbox user, it is currently v3.2.4.

Their events seem quite easy. For example, train 1 character to Lv.80 and stand a chance to win Dragon Heart Recipe (see Dapatkan Dragon Heart Recipe secara GRATIS!!!). Their official site actually features cosplayers. See [GE] Miss GE Behind the scene. You can also download them as wallpapers or watch the videos.

Closed Beta: Jan 5, 2011
Closed Beta Test lasted for 2 weeks. All characters and items were reset at the end of it.

Open Beta: Jan 19, 2011
Added Ustiur, Bahamar, Gigante, and Errac, as well as associated new characters such as Nar, Viki, Garcia, Selva, Soso, Romina, etc. Added pet system. The event prizes even included a motorcycle!

The Next Level - Veteran: March 28, 2011
Added Jormongand raid mission, Veteran promotion, and item mall updates.

Gates of Twilight: April 25, 2011
Added Hell/Fire/Lightning Gate raids, mercenary system, item mall updates, and pigling pet.