[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Sword2 Cash/Feso Shop Update

Sword 2 Cash/Feso Shop has been updated with new packages and new prices. See Cash Shop and Feso Shop Update for details.

There are also 3 new random boxes costing 250 Gold each. Ginger Tiger Box includes Ginger Tiger (looter) Pet Box, Crystal Wings (7 days), Drop Rate Manual (15% for 15 days), Pet Food, Honor Card B (500 reputation points), and more. Quinzel's Surprise includes Dragon Heart Recipe, L96 Elite Armors, and various new costumes.


Raiden's Box of Rage includes Dragon's Fangs Hammer (AR32 blunt), Sakura Cane (AR30 special rod), Rare Gems (e.g. Archangel Heart), Socket Flux, Veteran G EXP Cards, and more.

New items were also added to Feso Shop, including Grade School Uniform for Ramiro/Tiburon/Viki (600,000 F), [Sect of Moonlight] Stance Book (1,000,000 F), [Hapkido] Stance Book (1,500,000 F), [Prelude] Stance Book (1,000,000 F), [Serenade] Stance Book (100,000 F), Skill Reset Manual (1,250,000 F), Expand Warp List: 10 for 30 days (710,000 F), and 1-day Portable Ammo Boxes.

Update: Tiger Pet Box is currently not tradable, and Triumph Fillers have been removed from Feso Shop. See Making tigers FAIRLY accessible for all, IS A JOKE and Triumph Fillers removed from feso shop, without notice.


skiwi said…
OMG, G1 just removed the Triumph Fillers from Feso Shop withotu ANY notice about it at all!
Ashardalon said…
Yes, what irks me is that they added portable boxes for bolts and gunpowder bolts, but not metal bolts when most Calyces are using Shadow Sting by now.
Ashardalon said…
Raiden said: "IMC is creating a patch for us to re-add this item back in to the Feso shop. That patch will also come with a few more changes to the Feso shop which will be announced in a different thread. But it is highly unlikely that this patch will hit the live servers during maintenance tomorrow." [Source]