Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Quinzel's, Raiden's, Tiger Box II

Sword 2 has released new cash shop boxes. White Tiger Box features White Tiger Pet and Crystal Wings (7 days). Quinzel's Surprise II includes Dragon Heart Recipe, Symbol of Scorpio, Blue Serpent Costume (m/wiz), Pretty Short Hair (Claire), Jeniajuleano Costume (ele), and Clarcana Costume (sco). Raiden's Box of Rage II includes Kurenai (AR 33 great sword), Elegant Rose (AR 30 rapier), and Symbol of Aquarius.

Triumph Fillers (30k feso) and Centurion Costume (600k feso) for Reboldeaux Soldier have been added to Feso Shop. Some portable daily ammo boxes were also removed. For more details, see Quinzel's, Raiden's, and Tiger Box II.


Reno said…
Ash, in Sword 2, are the blue serpent costumes codified with female and male versions? In sGE, we have 2 versions of the same costume for male and female.
Ashardalon said…
I just checked it in-game. Yes, male and female are separate costumes. The forum topic just says "wizard". Typical for G1 to not provide full information.