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Sword2 Asoka Update

G1 made a few more changes to Sword 2's upcoming Asoka Limited Edition Set in the forum topic - Asoka LE Set Update 5/2/11.

The first 250 sets will be available for sale on May 5, 2011 at 7pm PDT, while the remaining 250 sets will be available on May 6, 2011  at 12pm PDT. The set can be purchased using G1 Credits at Sword 2 Marketplace on the launch dates. The price remains unchanged at USD 85.00, but the set has been updated to include:

  • Asoka Character Card
  • Sakura Costume for Geisha Asoka (Permanent)
  • 3 Golden Archangel's Wings (Permanent)
  • 9 Rose Wings (30 days)
  • 13,100 Gold

According to Raiden here, [Sect of Moonlight] stance book will be available in Feso Shop "pretty soon". More about Kurenai will be revealed later.

Update: More Delays
The launch has been delayed to "same time, same day, next week". [Source] I assume this to mean May 12 and 13. You can also read about opinions on this package in IAHGames forums here. I have also added links to older blog posts related to Asoka in other regional editions.

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