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Singapore 4th Anniversary

Granado Espada: Singapore is hosting a tour for its 4th Anniversary Party at The Legend Water Chalets in Port Dickson, Malaysia during June 25-26, 2011. The tour is available for Singapore and Malaysia players only. In addition to accommodation and food, there will also be an in-game package, including 2 Asoka Character Cards, 2 [Sect of Moonlight] Stance Books, 2 Javelin Weapon Costumes, 2 Black Tiger Pets, and 6 Rose Wings (30 days).

There will also be an auction, probably selling in-game items for obscure amount of money again. There should also be an exclusive package sold on site. See [TeamGE] Happy 4th Birthday to sGE! for details.

Granado Espada: Singapore will also be updating to v6.7.1 on May 19, 2011. [Source]


Le said…
you forgot to mention that 6.7 is coming out for sGE. It'll be out next Thursday. Check the maintenance post in