Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

New Job Skills v8.5

New job skills were added in v8.5. Click on image below for full-size view or see Korean Screen Board 신규 직업 스킬. Discuss in IAH forums here, and see Bleustein's translation and CharSiu's translation for some ideas about the new skill effects.
  • Power of Absinia [M'Boma]
  • Boost Magic [Karjalain]
  • Infiltration [Lorch]
  • Encore [Vincent Rio]
  • Feral Roar [Nar]
  • Beast [Ania]
  • Sandstorm [Najib Sharif]

Premium Character Skills
Added new job skills for Adelina the Pirate, Battle Smith Idge, and Iron Chef Panfilo. See 레어캐 직업스킬 and Zer0-GranD's translation.