Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.


Mission: Infiltration Lv.3 (Channel 1), Lv.2 (Channel 2)
Time: Daily, 1am (Server Time)
Duration: 60 minutes
No. of Families: 1-20
Level Limits: Lv.99+ (Channel 1), Lv.78-98 (Channel 2)

This post was drafted some time ago, but before I could post it, Sword 2 ninja-updated to v5.0, which removed some daily missions including Infiltration. But since GE Indonesia is still in v3.2.4, maybe players over there might find it useful. You can access the mission lobby via Event Statues in Reboldeaux Queen's Gate, Coimbra Nimrod Bridge, or Thueringen Lakeside during the event time (1am).

This is also the map used in Bernelli's Secret of Prison de Joaquin quest series.

Each room/chamber requires you to complete a certain task in order to remove the Rotating Blades in the corridor leading to the next room/chamber. Do NOT stay in the corridor, as the Rotating Blades will re-spawn after a while.

1. Hall of Hunting
As you enter the first hall (B8/C8/D8), a white text notice will flash across the screen telling you to kill 100 monsters (assorted mobs from Prison de Joaquin). The system will keep a record of your kill count, and when you are done, the white text notice will tell you the stage is cleared and the Rotating Blades in the corridor have been removed. So move to the next room (C6) quickly.

2. Mission Buff Rooms
Do NOT stay in the corridor, as the Rotating Blades will re-spawn after a while. Within the first Buff Room (C6), you have to kill the mini-bosses (Lv.120+, 2m+ HP) from Prison de Joaquin. Thereafter, you will receive a special mission buff, and the Rotating Blades will be removed in the corridor to the next room (C4).

Repeat for each of the Buff Rooms, and make your way to the final hall (H3/H4). The special mission buffs for each room are:
  1. ATK Rating +2, DEF Rating +2
  2. Lv.20 Acceleration
  3. Lv.20 Shining Ballad
  4. Lv.20 Intensify

3. Diablo's Hall

Clear any nearby monsters, then proceed to kill Diablo. A good, mob-free spot will be I3. According to this, Diablo's ATK/DEF Rating is not fixed. The hypothesis is that it can be higher or lower depending on the total family level (or family EXP) of all participating families.

When Diablo is reduced to 50% HP, he will start using more damaging skills. His skills have certain debuffs, such as [Confusion] which locks skill usage, [Lethargy] which reduces your attack power, and [Stun]. If a character is stunned, you can activate heal-all type of potions/skills (e.g. HP Regen Potion) to heal that character. Diablo doesn't seem to regenerate much. So you can actually run away to lose its hostility, then revive dead characters and re-buff to continue.

Diablo? Charge!
It is actually not necessary to clear the rooms, if you can take on Diablo without the mission buffs. You can just go before the Rotating Blades, and cast Protection Field on all characters. You can then safely run through all the blades, and head for Diablo. You may need to re-buff Protection Field in the 2nd or 3rd room, depending on your movement speed. (Pay attention to your Protection Field buff timers!) The mini-bosses can knock down or stun characters, so keep moving around the room as you re-buff.

Before you attack Diablo, make sure you lose the hostility of mini-bosses from the previous rooms. I managed to lose them by running to the rightmost corner of H2. Otherwise, you can use Invisible Potions or Invisible Stalker instead.

Diablo's Loot
Symbol of Aquarius
Lv.100 Elite Weapon Piece (e.g. Hilt of Elite Grim-Wraith)
Lv.92-96 Enchantment Chips
Lv.84 Elite Equipment
Lv.88-96 Equipment
Random Skill Ring
Grand Level Valkyrie Crasher
Diamond Coupon
Bellem's Box

After Diablo died, there will be 20 Treasure Chests in the Diablo's chamber. Each family can open 1 chest for a random loot, such as Lv.100 Equipment, Lv.84 Elite Equipment, Boost Potion (Event), 3 Teleport Scrolls (Event), EXP Cards, etc.

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