Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 139: Andre Terrorizes Towns

Nothing much happened this week. It was just the usual stuffs, training a few characters and looting a few items. Adelina mastered Low Guard (Lv.13 → 25), and Ryuk (Eduardo) reached Expert Lv.3. Qilue (f/sco) also reached Master Lv.9 as a result of raid participation.

This week's loot from raid missions consisted of 2 Symbols of Cancer, Symbol of Leo, Symbol of Libra, and Le Noir (mus) Recipe from Team Arena; Symbol of Gemini and Symbol of Taurus from Griffon; Symbol of Aquarius and Le Noir (mus) from Uraeus; Le Noir (ele) and Made Shooting RES Necklace from Joaquin Underground Prison; and Elite Variltorta Recipe from Arsene's Secret Vault.

The family was waiting for Asoka to be released, hopefully those players who spent on her would result in more cash shop items in the game, bringing down in-game prices. It was a slow, uneventful week, so there was nothing much to show. Instead, an old screenshot will serve as a caution for people who like to AFK in towns: You think you are safe in town, but you are NOT!

The family experienced 7 disconnections this week, disrupting 1 Team Arena mission.


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