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Andre's Wardrobe & Idge's Chest VII

Andre's Wardrobe and Idge's Chest VII has been added to cash shop for Sword 2. There is a bug that causes the items to drop on the floor without being tagged to the family. This means other families can loot your items if you are not fast enough, so open them in an isolated area to avoid theft.

Andre's Wardrobe VII:
- Dragon Heart Recipe
- Ancient Rune - Te x5
- Elite Bone-frame Armor
- Elite Rescue Suit
- Elite Metallic Suit
- Elite Dragon Coat
- Elite Pandera Jacket
- Elite La Ventisca
- Andre's Box - Back Costume
- Andre's Costume Box
- Head Costume Box for PC
- Enchantment Chips
- Veronica Chipao Costume (f/wiz)
- Camaryllis Hat (mus)
- Torozvah Ell Costume (f/sco)
- Slend Kloria Costume (f/wiz)
- Elite Treasure Box
Idge's Chest VII:
- Dragon's Fury Sword (AR 32 great sword)
- Ancient Rune - Ti x5
- Premium Wing Coupon
- Favorite NPC Card Box
- Toy Hammer (AR 30/32* blunt)
- Naginata (AR 30 polearm)
- Archangel Heart
- Siren's Scale
- Seeds of Rafflesia
- Angler Spinelle
- Moon Stone
- Socket Flux
- EXP Cards
- Enchantment Chips
- Elite Treasure Box

Toy Hammer: ATK Rating 32 or 30?
Toy Hammer (blunt) currently has ATK Rating 32. This was the case in GE Singapore before, yet it was later nerfed to ATK Rating 30. See ABS: Magic & Stars for more details. G1 has yet to comment if the blunt will be nerfed in this game edition as well.

I went through the old forum topic and found some information IAHGames staff mentioned concerning the nerf on Toy Hammer from AR 32 to AR 30. According to them, IMC said AR 32 was a bug (see quote below). GE-SG has since corrected it by making Toy Hammer into Lv.92 (AR 30) elite weapon.

You will only be reimbursed if you've used either of the following on Toy Hammer before the maintenance on 19 June:
1. Enchantment Chips Level 100
2. Enchantment Tranquilizers (aka Enchant Boosters)
3. Enhancement Boosters (aka Upgrade Accelerators)
4. Imperviums +5 and +6 Normal (aka Lacquers)
5. Socket Processing Tranquilizers (aka Socket Flux)
And as for the other question, it would be better for Kaiou to reply. [Source]

So when it was given to us, we thought AR 32 is the correct one, until you guys told us it was wrong. Based on the feedback from most of you who believed in the importance of maintaining game balance, we decided to escalate the matter to IMC.

So we checked with IMC and they said it was a bug, so they gave us a patch to fix it. Even if we were to bang tables now and say we want it changed back to 32 AR, IMC will say no to our request because in the first place, it was a bug and it wasn't working as intended. [Source]

So what does this mean for Sword 2? Since IMC is the developer from whom both Sword 2 and GE-SG get their patches, it seems unlikely for them to let us keep it at AR 32 when other editions received the nerf patch. It's not like IMC has been super nice to Sword 2 anyway. I will update again when there is official news from G1.

IAHGames reimbursed certain items used on the bugged Toy Hammer. This may not be the case with G1. It is best to avoid enchanting/upgrading/etc. it until G1 confirms the situation.

G1 Official Update
G1-Raiden has confirmed that Toy Hammer will be nerfed to ATK Rating 30 in the next patch. [Source] He didn't give a date for this, but it probably meant the next maintenance or the one after (Jan 18) which will most likely be removing the Christmas event.

The funny thing is that this is like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Players keep bugging G1 if it will be nerfed, so G1 alerted IMC about it... and it got nerfed. But if players had just kept quiet about it, maybe nobody will notice that it is equivalent to Steel Fortress. Apparently, it was an issue that was repeatedly overlooked by IMC, since the same thing happened in GE-SG as well.

Just for fun, I'm including a story-driven video made by Rhizophora family of Rembrandt server, featuring Toy Hammer and Crusader stance:

[YouTube] Granado Espada - Crusader Stance