Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 120: Rescue Santa Nunez

Lolita (Claire) reached Expert Lv.9, while collecting Ancient Runes. Lara (Brunie) reached Veteran Lv.5, while training Rem (Eduardo) to Lv.100. This raised the family to Lv.38+3.

The family completed 1 Uraeus, 11 Team Arena, and 7 Arsene Circus missions, looting Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Gemini, Symbol of Leo, 3 Symbols of Sagittarius, 5 White Gold Bars, and 6 Veteran G (14m) EXP Cards. After all this time, Elmorc finally dropped its first Symbol of Leo for the family. Adorabelle (f/ele) won Einaptor Sword (sword) from Lightning Gate.

The Rescue Rudolph! event for Christmas did not happen in Orpesia, as Santa Nunez was missing. Servers went down for a long time, and when it came online again, it was afflicted with lag, slow map loading, missing Gold, missing cash shop, and disconnections. Even returning to the quarters was a nuisance as it frequently resulted in "Cannot Find Server" error. The Gr1nch stole Christmas!


Anonymous said…
Hello (^-^)/
I play on the same version as you but different server. The Santa costumes you have on your ETS, where did you get those? I want some of those for ETS and Calypso.

Could be you got them from old event in the past?:(
Ashardalon said…
Nope. Santa costumes for Emilia, Calyce, etc. are not available yet in Sword2. They are just released this Christmas in sGE, and 1 year ago in jGE.