Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Sword 119: Tempest of Aquarius

Thelandira (f/mus) reached Master Lv.3, while collecting Ancient Runes in Errac. Ghae (Andre) and Sylune (Calyce) reached Veteran Lv.4 and Lv.3 respectively, while training Rem (Eduardo) to Lv.98. Soteira (Helena) reached Expert Lv.7 after completing Team Area missions, and won Boreas (sabre) from Lightning Gate raids.

Visca (Grace) crafted The Tempest of Aquarius (bayonet). After the upgrading success of Black Bishop last week, the family tried again this week... and got scammed by Vincent Rio. After using 480 Upgrade Accelerators, 9 Lacquers +5: Expert, and 6 Lacquers +6: Expert, the bayonet was finally upgraded to +7. The family used 134 Veteran Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters to enchant ATK + Fire ATK + ATK Rating + Wild Beast. (Yes, it's Wild Beast again.) Unfortunately, the ATK enchantment is a bit low. Sigh. Oh well...

All 3 sockets on the bayonet were successfully opened with only 3 Socket Fluxes. The remaining 11 Socket Fluxes were used on Elite Le Noir (mus) to attempt opening the 3rd socket (again)... which, of course, failed (again). The attempts on this armor's 3rd socket have used up almost 40 Socket Fluxes so far. Ugh, the family is near-bankrupt again.

After completing 1 Uraeus, 12 Team Arena, and 7 Arsene Circus missions, the family only recovered Le Noir (ele) Recipe, Elite Piernoente Recipe, Mystic Shoes, Mystic Gloves, and Aiming Gloves. No symbol dropped for 12 Team Arena missions. (Of course, Uraeus dropped 2 Mega Talt again.) FAIL. Ugh! Pathetic drops from solo raids all week long.

Out of frustration, the family acquired and opened 60 Ring Boxes. The boxes dropped 8 stance rings, including Hapkido. There were also 2 job skill rings - Summon Frost and Safe Guard. Summon Frost Ring should eventually become Memorize Ring in v5.0.31, but that won't happen in the next patch (v5.0.23). After all, this was what happened when Mana Activation skill (v2.4) was changed to Elemental Penetration (v2.6). Other skill rings included Flare, Barsel, Blood Curse, Ele-Invisible, Rouse, Ardor (aka Impulse), Zeal (aka Gruesome), Check Targets, Accuracy Shot, Centella, Valentia, and Rapida Ataque. Personally, I think it sucks. Still need another Enhanced Tactics Ring, or at least a Principal Ring...

Perhaps feeling sorry for the family, the Jewel Exchanger yielded 3 HQ Spodumenes for this week's collection of Rough Stones. A bit of consolation at least. The family experienced 3 disconnections this week.