[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Sword 118: Black Bishop

Ambrosia (Emilia) reached Expert Lv.3, while training Darkness stance. Tantalus (Panfilo) reached Lv.100. Soteira (Helena) finally mastered Augury, and acquired Occultism with Symbol of Pisces. At the rate she was going, it seemed unlikely for her to maximize Occultism level before reaching Master level. But hopefully, the next patch (which includes v5.0.4) will auto-maximized it for her.

Since ATK Rating for dual-weapon stances will be rounded up in v4.5.4, the family decided against crafting another Constellation LOE Bracelet. Instead, Ifrit (M'Boma) crafted Black Bishop to be shared by Adorabelle (f/ele) and Soteira (Helena). Upgrading to +7 used only 60 Upgrade Accelerators, 1 Lacquer +5: Veteran, and 1 Lacquer +6: Veteran. This was the family's first attempt to upgrade a significant equipment to +7, so it was probably just beginner's luck. Opening the 2nd socket used 3 Socket Fluxes. The enchantment consumed 107 Lv.100 Enchantment Chips and Enchant Boosters to enchant ATK + ATK Speed + Max SP + Wild Beast. Not too sure what wild beast boss would a LOE bracelet be good against though.


The family completed 13 Team Arena, 1 Uraeus, and 7 Arsene Circus missions, looting Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Scorpio, Symbol of Pisces, Symbol of Libra, 2 Tracking Boots, and 2 Chevalier Greaves. Stingy Uraeus gave 2 Mega Talt and 1 Lv.92 elite armor recipe again this week. This was the case for the past few weeks. If it continues to be like that, the mission is barely worth doing.



blue said…
Wild beast to own the Basilisk in Castilla Mines when you guys get 5.0 :D No really, that's the only "hard" boss there and needs to be killed asap after it buffs up. Grats on the BB!
Ashardalon said…
Hm. But aren't musketeers better for Castilla Mine mission? The bosses' RES are kind of high though.
blue said…
Ranged characters are needed for Chrysalis and a couple of flying monsters.

Whether you take musk or not is up to you. They are good at the hit-n-run tactic on Basilisk.

I find that my ele survives way better though, because a bunch of the bosses do mental/elemental attacks. (Then again, my musk has e92 while my other chars have ELB)

But considering your equipment this shouldn't be too much of a hassle at all. :D Esp if 2-3 others join you.
blink69 said…
Sorry to tell you sir.. but i don't think the system will auto-maximize the Occult Magic for your Helena. Only Basic stances gets to be auto-maximized because of the change in their level requirements. But Expert stances doesn't get auto-maximized.. Coz that's what happened to us in sGE
Ashardalon said…
Ugh. BB's mods seem too good to rechip, but the raids I'd consider using ele instead of musk are mostly human, golem, or daemon - HWC, Arsene's Vault, Fire/Ice/Light Gates, Joaquin Prison.

Book of Wind's v5.0.4 Patch Notes mentioned "Changed stance levels to 25" for Occultism and others. I assume this means auto-max? Well, maybe not. Anyway, from what Lorenza said here, sGE is in v5.0.3. So not surprising if sGE doesn't have it yet.
blue said…
Well it's up to you whether you keep it or not. AR would be great considering the way the new bosses AR/DR are going (Tower of Chaos @_@).

Oh I somehow skipped the maxing Stances. It's true, below expert-stances got maxed. (not sure on veteran ones, but all pre-vet do.) The stance skill-points are also reset. For some, their Magic Occultism's skill-points were also reset but the stance was not maxed.