Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

GM Tip: Let's Cook!

GE Korea has released another [GM Tip] article. Panfilo's Coooking skill was first mentioned in [GE-KR] v6.4 Preview. See [GM Tip] 요리를 해보자!! for screenshots of the recipes and ingredients.

Cooking Ingredients
Several cooking ingredients are revealed. Some of them are items already existing in early versions.
  • Cook Stone ... acquired with alchemy.
  • Spider Meat ... acquired from spider monsters.
  • Brawn acquired from Wild Boar.
  • Wolf Meat ... acquired from Arctic Wolf in Katovic Snowfield.
  • Comodo Meat ... acquired from comodo monsters.
  • Octopus Arm ... acquired from octopus monsters.
  • Clear Rum ... acquired from monsters in Errac fields.
  • Red/Green/Yellow Leaf of Rafflesia ... acquired from monsters in Ustiur zones.
  • Golden Apple ... acquired from Eltetah in Katovic Snowfield.
  • Wheat Flour ... acquired from pirate monsters.
  • Honey ... acquired from insect monsters.
  • Cabosse ... acquired from Phobitan monsters.
  • Beet ... acquired from Arctic Gorillas in Frozen Wastes.
  • Fish Meat ... acquired from crustacean (?) monsters.
  • Cockatrice Egg ... acquired from cockatrice monsters.
  • Golden Corn ... acquired from Ustiur Farm.
  • Capybara Potato ... acquired from Capybara monsters.

"Crafted" Dishes
The following dishes provide the listed buffs for 30 min. Recipes can be acquired from NPC with Old Journals 1, 2, and 3. See 드디어 끝났습니다!! for screenshots of the dish items.
  • Spider Steak ... ATK vs. monsters +10%
  • Boar Steak ... Max HP +3000
  • Wolf Steak ... Movement Speed +10%, ATK Speed +10%
  • Comodo Steak ... DEF +10
  • Meat Stew ... HP Recovery +500
  • Stir-Fried Octo ... Elemental ATK +15 (?)
  • Fish Sausage ... Immunity +8
  • Stir-Fried Corn ... SP Recovery +20
  • Golden Apple Pie ... DEF Rating +1
  • Egg Stew ... Magic RES +10
  • Capy Fish ... Penetration +5
  • Capy Rum ... ATK Rating +1

A list of food available can be viewed in the UI window by clicking on the cooking pot. Up to 6 families in the squad can use the pot within 2 minutes. Dish buffs do not stack (?).


Daniel said…
about "Stir-Fried Octo ... ATK vs. property (colony?) +15%"

I think it's mean fire/ice/lighting and mental ATK property
Ashardalon said…
Hm. You're probably right. But it's weird that it doesn't say fire or ice or etc though.
blink69 said…
I think the crustacean monsters you mentioned are the ones in Bahia and IOF maps. Crustaceans=Crabs