[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Greek Croma Launcher Skin

A new launcher skin has been made available at GE Korea's Screen Board. See 런처 바꺼 보자 !!![파일 첨부 ] for more information and links. The skin text labels are in Korean, but since it is a .swf file, you can probably edit it using any Flash-related applications. (The featured characters are in Greek Croma armors.)


Set up the new launcher skin with the steps below. Back up original files before over-writing anything.
  1. Download updater.skin.swf file from File Dropper or SendSpace.
  2. Copy the file into Granado Espada main folder.
  3. Copy the file again into Granado Espada\release\patch folder, and rename it as patch_updater.skin.swf.
  4. Restart the client launcher.
You can also go to 런처 바꺼 보자 !!![파일 첨부 ] to download the original package, if you prefer. The original package is compressed in a .alz file (updater.alz), which is a nuisance since WinRAR cannot extract it. I had to download and install the shareware ALZip just to unpack it. Guess what's inside? A self-extracting .zip file. The actual skin file (updater.skin.swf) is only about 500 kilobytes. Why is it necessary to archive it within another archive using an uncommon file format? Ugh.


pirate said…
Do you still have this swf file? It seems impossible to find now.
pirate said…
oh I think I found it