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Christmas Around the World 2010

IMC has released a standard Christmas event for all editions of Granado Espada. See Rescue Rudolph! for the early information released for Korea/Japan Christmas event details. This blog post will be updated later as more information is released.

[Sword2] Christmas In U.S.
See Sword 2 Holiday Patch for Sword 2's official notice on Rescue Rudolph! event. Christmas Coins needed: 50 for Pet Box, 10 for costumes, and 5 for other items.

I don't know why the rewards cost so many coins though. The similar rewards in most other GE (e.g. Korea, Singapore, Taiwan) require 2/3/15 coins, while those in Sword 2 require 5/10/50 coins... I hope this isn't another screw-up like when they asked the players to type the horrendously long 8th verse from 12 Days of Christmas within 15 seconds last year. See also Christmas Carols forum contest.

Update: After being late for Christmas, the patch was amended to require 2/3/15 coins instead. Thank goodness.

[GE-SG] Christmas In Singapore
GE Singapore is having Rescue Rudolph! event - see Santa Needs A Favor!. Christmas Coins needed: 15 for Pet Box, 3 for costumes, and 2 for other items. According to Lorenza here, this event will end on Jan 20, 2011.

Cash cow milking continues with the final run of Adelina's Booty Search web game, featuring Elite Le Noir (DR 32) as top loot. See [ABS] Adelina's Retiring for official notice and forum discussion for how players failed to get any prized booty after 1,000 searches*. Meanwhile, Hellena's Circus of Fate web game continues to feature new costumes including the Santa costumes for Emilia, Grace, Adelina, and Calyce. See [HCOF] Winter Promotion.

Note (*): You can convert cash shop credit (G-Points) to ABS at the rate of 100:1. Thereafter, 1,000 ABS is worth 100,000 G-Points. SGD 60.00 (USD 45.65) provides 84,000 G-Points using iCash Card. So 1,000 ABS will cost about SGD 71.43 (USD 54.35).

[GE-VN] Christmas In Vietnam
See Giải cứu Tuần lộc for the official notice of Rescue Rudolph! event. Also, GE Vietnam updated to v5.0 since Nov 16, 2010. See Bá Chủ Thế Giới chính thức ra mắt phiên bản 5.0.

In addition, they will be 2 new cash shop boxes (or something costing cash shop credits anyway) - Noel Treasure and Queen's Treasure. See Rương báu Noel and Rương báu Nữ hoàng for official notices. Noel Treasure drops include Elite Le Blanc Recipe, Emilia the Sage Character Card, White Santa Costume, Veteran Enchantment Chip, Veteran G (14m) EXP Card, and more.

Queen's Treasure drops include Asoka Character Card, [Sect of Moonlight] Stance Book, Idge the Battle Smith Character Card, Pet Box (Rudolph), Dragon Heart, Symbol of Aquarius, Symbol of Taurus, Symbol of Leo, Old Chess Piece x10, Snail Shell x10, Expert G (27m) EXP Card x2, and more.

[GE-TW] Christmas In Taiwan
See GE:搶救麋鹿!!耶誕叮叮噹 for the official notice of Rescue Rudolph! event. Christmas Coins needed: 15 for Pet Box, 3 for costumes, 2 for other items.

There will also be an EXP boost +20% event for both combat and stance EXP from Dec 28, 2010 to Jan 04, 2011. Their web "game" (lucky draw system) is featuring Angel Rifle (AR 33) until Dec 23, 2010. After which, it will replaced by Angel Knuckle (AR 33). See GE2K11迎向新紀元 for other Christmas details.

[GE-TH] Christmas In Thailand
See Safe the Rudolphs for GE Thailand's official notice for Rescue Rudolph! event. Christmas Coins needed: 10 for Pet Box, 7 for Angel Ring hat, 3 for costumes and Rudolph Bag, and 2 for other items.

There will also be +50% combat and stance EXP from Dec 27, 2010 to Jan 5, 2011. See เอเชียซอฟท์ "Big Surprise!!!" for official notice.

[GE-RU] Christmas In Russia
GE Russia will be having Rescue Rudolph! event as well [Source], but has yet to release any official event details.

There is a photo forum event (until Dec 26) which rewards Draconic Weapons (AR 32). See Найди cвоего дракона!. From Dec 22, there will be a new cash shop box featuring Draconic Rifle (AR 32), Draconic Staff (AR 32), Crystal Wings (7 days), and other items. See Сундуки с драконьим оружием скоро в продаже!.


Anonymous said…
Rudolph is released.
Silfo said…
i don't see anything about the event in game. i'm from server bristia, and i want to know when is the real start of the event.
Ashardalon said…
The maintenance that just ended doesn't include the patch. G1 is still working with IMC on sorting out bugs. See the forum topic linked in post for details.