Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Stance EXP

Stances are grouped into types according to their stance EXP requirements. The table below shows the stance types and the stance EXP required to reach Lv.25. The data is derived from datatable_stance.ies and datatable_xp.ies files from each client.

Type Stance EXP Ratio
10001 6,485,600 1.00
10012 32,428,000 5.00
10024 64,856,000 10.00
10031 315,303 0.05
10041 410,441 0.06
10051 474,047 0.07
10061 569,185 0.09

Sword 2 (v4.1)
All basic stances and most veteran stances (except Forgotten Magic) used the standard stance EXP type (10001). Most expert stances require 5 times as much stance EXP as the basic stances. Occultism and Enhanced Tactics are the winners, requiring twice the amount of stance EXP as the other expert stances (e.g. Flintlock).

Type Stances: Sword 2 (v4.1)
10001 All Other Basic & Veteran Stances
10012 Hapkido, Equites, Rapiere, Gorgeous, Rapiere of Grim, Hanging Guard, Waxing, Arnis, Tested Guard, Flintlock, Darkness, Madness, Augury, Forgotten Magic
10024 Occultism, Enhanced Tactics

Despite what most players may believe, Darkness stance requires the same stance EXP as other expert stances (e.g. Flintlock). It just seems to require a lot of stance EXP, because a lot of the EXP are "wasted" when the character automatically changes stance due to his SP being reduced to 0 by levitation.

Granado Espada: Singapore (v5.0)
In v5.0, all basic stances (except for Valeria's First Aid) are re-classified into faster stance EXP types. These new types (10031-10061) require significantly less stance EXP to reach Lv.25. This change may be the reason why some players find their stances have automatically reached Lv.25 after the patch.

Type Stances: GE-SG (v5.0)
10001 Defender, Advance Garde, Cauchemar, Advance Garde of Grim, Low-Guard, Rapida Espada, Sidewinder, Stave Guard, Mighty Cruz, Raid Assault, Low-Guard, Sidewinder, Sight Shot, Outrage Shot, Gigantic Blaster, Gigantic Marksmanship, Close Encounters, Sagitta, Incantation, Anathema, Domination Fire, Domination Ice, Domination Lightning, Tactical Assistance, Serenade, First Aid (Valeria)
10012 Martial Arts Compendium, Crusader, Equites, Rapiere, Gorgeous, Rapiere of Grim, Hanging Guard, Semilunar, Tronada Cruz, Arnis, Tested Guard, Secret of Moonlight, Bloody Feast, Flintlock, Superior Blaster, Dual Blaster, Demolition Burst, Tested Burst, Darkness, Madness, Occult Assistance, Forgotten Magic
10024 Death Chopping, Occult Magic, Prelude, Enhanced Tactics, Innocentio
10031 Bareknuckle, Back-Guard, High-Guard, Hack and Slash, Combatant, Middle-Guard, Back-Guard, Novice Guard, Esgrima, Middle-Guard Spirit, Standing Shot, Novice Marksmanship, Targan Shot, Straight Shot, Kneeling Shot, Psychokinesis, Possession Fire, Possession Ice, Possession Lightning, First Aid, Fortitudo, Install Trap, Construction, Defensive Construction, Amicus, Castis
10041 Defending Guard, Twin Blades, Plow-Guard, Roof-Guard, Blandir Cruz, Penetrar Cruz, Twin Blades Spirit, Plow-Guard, Roof-Guard, Aiming Shot, Freestyle Shot, Double-Gun Shot, Kneeling Shot, Defending Shot, ESP, The Illusionist, Evocation Fire, Evocation Ice, Evocation Lightning
10051 Book of Earth, Book of Wind, Book of Flame, Book of Ice, Book of Mind, Epee Garde, Sabre Garde, Tail-Guard, Corte Duplicado, Esgrima, Heaven or Hell, Shotgun Blaster, Hunting Blaster, Siege Burst
10061 Main-Gauche Garde, Epee Glacier, Sabre Glacier, Main-Gauche Garde of Grim, Epee Garde of Grim, Grim Guard, Flame-Guard, Heaven or Hell of Grim, Arbalester, Levitation, The Elemental Lord, Minstrel, Rescue*, Marionette

The slowest stance EXP type (10024) also gains several more expert stances - Death Chopping, Prelude, and Innocentio.

Note (*): Rescue stance is the unique (weapon-less) stance of Snow Rescue Knight, a character that was "under development" for v3.0 but later abandoned by IMC. The stance includes Intensify, Fortify, Resuscitation, Acceleration, and Mass Cure skills. At Lv.25, it has Block +10 bonus.


blue said…
Oh wow, no wonder Enhanced Tactics and Magic Occultism lvl slower than snails crawl D: Thanks for the info.
Von said…
hey.. im plaaning to run a private server of GE... but i need help to edit some data of the game... i also want to change the drop rates.. for example, im planning that vis could be dropped too... i have so many ideas in this project, but I really need help now.. i need a file extractor and at the same time repacks the whole thing of that ipf files... also .ies is my problem.. i search it all over google but found only informations and not still clear..

hope you could help me.. any ideas is much appreciated.. thank you
Ashardalon said…
As I mentioned in the shout box, you should see Stracciatella GE for server-related stuffs.
Von said…
hmmm... i already extracted the same data using ipf extractor... but how did you know this tables... it must be an .ies file opener...can you give me the software you are using to view this kind of file? thanks!