[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

v5.0 More Dates & Delay

More delays are expected for v5.0 patch of Sword 2 by G1. In 1.5 months, that will push v5.0 into mid January 2011. A new cash shop box will be expected next week. See here for a list of proposed item drops.

And I will post about 5.0 in the pinned topic as mentioned so people can easily find. Just quickly it will likely be 1 1/2 more months. But we're making haste as fast as we can again. [G1-Quinzel; Source]

We're working on trying to release one [cash shop box] next week if all goes according to plan. Should be a good one =) We'll keep you all posted about when it will be released. We are actually working on trying to put up the patch for the new box on our test servers now but have a few obstacles. Please cross your fingers for us! [G1-Quinzel; Source]

[GE-SG] World Cross PvP, Adelina's Santa Costume
Lorenza stated that [V5.0 Feature] Launch of World-X PvP will most likely be beta launched in December 2010. [Source]

In addition, GE-SG has introduced Adelina's Santa Costume and Raid/Jade Phraxi Costumes in [HCOF] Winter Promotion.

Former players who quit will also receive bonus freebies for returning to the game. See Summon Angel Welcomes You This Christmas.

There is also a game credit promotion until Jan 3, 2011. See 10% Bonus G-Points.


TaNiHuShI said…
wAAA DELAY AGAIN ?..... >.<!
Lusse said…
Aw, that royally sucks! Q____Q