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Rescue Rudolph!

GE Korea has officially launched their Christmas event to rescue Rudolph until Dec 30, 2010. See 루돌프를 구출하라 for event notice. See also Silver Server Patch Notes v6.6.3.

Trade 5 types of Pure Ores (100 each) to Santa Nunez in Coimbra Nimrod Bridge to receive 3 mission keys (not tradable). Enter the mission lobby via the Christmas Trees to rescue Rudolph from monsters. The keys are not tradable, and can be collected only once per day. However, you can do the missions multiple times per day, if you didn't do them on previous days after collecting the keys.

Each mission lasts for 30 minutes and can have up to 3 families. Complete all 3 missions and receive 3 Christmas Trees, 3 Snowman, 3 Snow Sprays, and 3 Christmas Socks from Santa Nunez. All these items can be traded, except for Christmas Socks.

In addition, collect 8 Santa event items from Rudolph to trade for Christmas Coin. Then, trade in Christmas Coins for Santa Costume (30 days; Movement Speed +10%, DEF +10), Angel Ring Hat, Santa Hat, Rudolph Hat, Rudolph Doll, and Pet Box (Santa Grabber). Santa event items can be traded, but not Christmas Coins or the reward items.

Other editions of Granado Espada are also having the same event, although the final rewards for trading coins may differ slightly. For example, Pet Box (Santa Grabber) might be replaced by Shiny Crystal Box or Pet Box (Rudolph). See Christmas Around the World 2010 for events hosted by other editions of Granado Espada.


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