[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

3 Dates of Renaissance


[GE-SG] Renaissance: Nov 01, 2010
According to Lorenza, IAHGames will be launching GE: Renaissance (v5.0.3) on Nov 01, 2010. This update will include Valeria, Castilla, medal system, and more quests/missions. There will also be an in-game event for Colony Supply Wars during Oct 17-31, 2010. The top 10 winners for each week will gain some Elemental Jewels. See Spoils of War for details.

[GE-TW] Renaissance: Oct 19, 2010
GE Taiwan is updating to Renaissance (v5) on Oct 19, 2010. See 《GE王者之劍》文藝復興 for GE Taiwan v5 intro site. Post a comment here until Oct 10, 2010 to receive Hopeful Renaissance medal. Login during Oct 06-11 and Oct 13-18 to receive free event items - Soul Crystals, Status Ampules (?), and Ancient Area Pass.


[Sword 2] Renaissance: Nov 18, 2010 (?)
The last tentative date given for Sword 2: Renaissance (v5.0.23) is Nov 18, 2010. See Sword 2 v5.0.23 & Pirate Events for forum quotes. According to Neume's Video Blog #4 (posted Oct 08), G1 is expecting an update from IMC "in the next 3 weeks", after which some more testing is needed before making the update live.

More Sword 2 Update: Oct 22, 2010

As far as the patch date, we are still hoping for November but logistically we know December seems more likely. We just sent the text this week. IMC takes 3 weeks to create a patch and we usually take 3-4 weeks to QA. This time around we may do SIGNIFICANTLY less testing and just verify no crashes then patch to live and update text on live. This would potentially reduce test time. HOWEVER, we are unsure how long it will take us to test the new version because it is so large. So, we're playing by ear. [Source]


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