[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Blog List Cleanup & Comment Form

The following blogs have been removed from the blog roll for RSS inactivity of 6 months or more. A few other blogs (including several Japanese ones) have been added since last cleanup. Links to the removed blogs are provided below so you can still check them out, if you want.
After cleanup, there are a total of 52 blogs in the RSS list.

Blog Comment Form Changes
Some people have complaint to me about the comment field of this blog being too small such that certain buttons were blocked and inaccessible without using Alt-Tab. I have changed the Comment Form Placement setting from Embedded to Full Page. This should allow you to see the entire thing without further problems. You still need to be a registered user (Google, OpenID) and verify a captcha to post. Comments on posts older than 7 days require moderation before they show up on the blog. Please note that comments that are considered as spams, trolls, and excessive vulgarities/rants will be removed.


Manny said…
Wow... You know, I want to come back but what's holding me back is how I'll progress (and more games).

I solved my PC restarting problem (due to a faulty power supply). I wish to blog again but... what about?

For Asoka, looks like I'll have to remove her from my story since not everyone can get her.