Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

[GE-SG] Asoka In ABS

IAHGames has released Asoka in Adelina's Booty Search as the top loot. Other top loots include Dragon Heart Recipe and Elite Le Blanc (Fig) Recipe. Needless to say, most players are not amused. See [ABS] Asoka's Debut! for details. Some comments from players in the forum below...

oh and you think this might make it balanced being top loot? let me tell you, i haven't had a top loot from ABS since they brought DHR back in on the 27th of august 2009, and i did 900 searches on that day.
i have done 82 84k gp topups since then (some during the 108k gp topups), so that is at LEAST 2460 ABS searches AND I HAVE NOT HAD A TOP LOOT.
putting asoka in ABS at top loot is like IAH slapping me across the face with their d**ks. [Source]

I have seen people spend over 600sgd1 (thats 84000*10) for that 300 abs passes and not even a dragonic weapon or a dhr. Even HCOF has a higher chance that this pls. Why can't you just put it in cash shop? Limit to one per family if anything. [Source]

1 According to Yahoo! Finance, SGD 600 is about USD 457 at today's rate.

[GE-SG] Valeria (v5.0) & HCOF Update
GE-SG is also preparing for v5.0, and has released an article on Valeria. See [v5.0 Feature] Valeria - What Say You? for Valeria's character information and stances/skills.

Hellena's Circus of Fate has also been updated with new costumes - Corchicum (Lisa), Torozval Ell (f/sco), Primeavella (Emilia/ETS), and Slend Koria (f/wiz). See here for the official notice.


Anonymous said…
I have to say when Lt. Taulin starts telling is as it is, I sit up and listen. There's no dismissing this as "just the complainers".