Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

[GE-KR] v6.0 Intro Video & Site

See GE-Korea's v6.0 intro site here. You can also download the full video (50MB) or short video (8MB) teaser.

Added new city Viron and the forest fields, as previously mentioned in [GE-KR] v6.0 Preview. There are 3 characters featured as well - Montoro, Raven, and the new gorgeous, mystery girl. The red-haired girl was seen in the video confronting Raven and the stock characters, then sending some mobs to attack them.

Devil Weapons will become available. The site shows 20 different weapon types in this series - (in order left to right, top to bottom) sword, great sword, main-gauche, sabre, dagger, lute, polearm, rapier, javelin, staff, shield, gaiters, blunt, bayonet, rifle, knuckles, LOE bracelet, ice bracelet, lightning bracelet, and fire bracelet.

Devil Armors, previously mentioned in GE-China 2010 Preview, will also become available. Added slide-show from Photo Bucket to minimize scrolling. JavaScript must be enabled. Alternatively, you can load the images one by one from ImageShack - Fighter, Musketeer, Scout, Wizard, and Elementalist.

Added World Cross PvP updates, Monster Pets, and Customized Back Costumes. These have already been mentioned previously in [GE-KR] World Cross PvP Renewal.

GE-Korea apparently hates Firefox. Damn it. What's their problem? Is it really so hard to make a website compatible with both browsers?

The following is not part of the intro site, but I'd add them here anyway... The information is derived from the data-tables of GE-KR Test Client.


70 70 60 70 30 30

Initial Level: 60
Armor: Leather (fig/sco), Leather (fig)
Personal Skill: Trigger

Set Right Left Stances
6701 - - Bareknuckle
6702 Rapier - Epee Garde, Sabre Garde
6703 Rapier Pistol Avance Garde [v]
6704 Rapier Rapier Rapiere [e]
6705 Pistol - Aiming Shot, Freestyle Shot, Sight Shot [v]
6706 Pistol Rapier Croisement [e]

See also Recruitment Quest [Korean] and Croisement Video & Screenshot [Korean].

There are also 2 new armors available.
  • Elite Le Scarce (DR 30): Same DEF/RES as Elite Le Blanc, except it has inherent Max HP +300 and Max SP +100. Veteran Exclusive.
  • Fate of Castilla (DR 31): Metal • DEF 232 • Fire/Ice/Lightning RES 24 • Mental RES 0 • Mind RES 0. Expert Exclusive.
So basically, there are 4 types of DR 30 armors - Elite Le Blanc, Le Scarce (low DEF), Elite Le Scarce (MHP+300, MSP+100), and Elite Trump (MHP+1500, MSP+100; Expert Exclusive).