[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Sword 109: Le Noir (Sco)

The Masters spent some more time farming Ancient Runes in Errac. While training the apprentices, Cerdotado (Pigling) looted 2 Qualified Belt Recipes and 1 Qualified Leather Belt Recipe (1:20k drop rate) in Frozen Wastes.

The daily raids on Arsene Circus yielded Tracking Boots, Mystic Gloves, Aiming Gloves, and 2 Assassin Gloves, while the Masters acquired Elite Piernoente Recipe from Hidden Holy Water Chamber. Uraeus dropped Elite Geniaruleano Recipe and, of course, Mega Talt x2. Again.

Adorabelle (f/ele) won the firecracker bid for another Einaptor Sword (sword) from Lightning Gate, then traded it for Stormbringer (dagger). Soteira (Helena) looted 2 Symbols of Scorpio, Symbol of Capricorn, Symbol of Leo, Symbol of Virgo, Le Noir (sco) recipe, 2 Lv.92 elite armor recipes, and 3 gem recipes from 10 Team Arena missions.


Ghae (Andre) crafted Le Noir for Qilue (f/sco). It took 30 Upgrade Accelerators and 1 Lacquer +5: Veteran to upgrade to +6. The enchantment process consumed 86 Lv.100 Enchantment Chips and 86 Enchant Boosters to acquire DEF Rating +3. The family has been getting Evasion enchantment for quite a few armors... and the only armor for which Evasion would actually be useful (i.e. scout leather) couldn't get it.

The family received Andre's Portmanteau III boxes for the 3rd milestone in Sword 2 Face Book Founders Club. Unfortunately, this particular box doesn't really contain anything the family wants or needs.