[KOR] Altria Ep.1 Preview + New Characters Coa.

Sword 2: Free Witch's Hat & Stuffs

A free item code is available from G1Neume Twitter (posted Oct 14, 2010). Login to Sword 2 website, click Redeem Code button, and click Code xxx-xxx-xxx button. Type WillUSurvive into the field and click Activate to claim your items in-game via Receive Premium Items from tool-bar or Leonardo.

The freebies are Witch's Hat (30 days; Max HP +300), Combat Manual: Expert (7 days; EXP +20%), and Forgotten Area Pass (1 day).


More Witch's Hat
Another free Witch's Hat is available at MMOSite. You must register first before you can get the item code. Thanks to Kenmar for finding this one.

Buy Gold For Grenmah Promotion
Make any Gold purchase during Oct 14-17, 2010, and stand a chance to win Grenmah character card. See Will Grenmah join your family? for details. Master her in a week, and watch her get replaced by Rescue Knight!