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Ancient Rune Drop Rate v6.1.1

The drop rates of Ancient Runes have been revised in v6.1.1. Currently in v4.1, only werebears drop Ancient Runes - Ti/Te (1 in 150) and Ar/An (1 in 80). In v6.1.1, the werebears will drop runes a lot less frequently (1 in 800), but other monsters in Errac will drop them as well. Spawn rate will be increased in v4.7.5, so maybe it is not too bad. At least, this should put an end to those players who kill werebears only, and then drag along an annoying train of kobolds or werewolves all over the map.

The following table is derived from monster data table for GE Korea Test Client v6.1.1. See v6.1.1 Patch Notes [Korean] for other patch details.

Monster Ancient Rune Drop Rate
Werebear Slayer Ti 800
Werebear Juggernaut Ar 800
Werebear Slaughter Te 800
Werebear Destroyer An 800
Ogre Shooter Te, An 800
Ogre Defender Ar 500
Ogre Bandit Te, An 800
Ogre Avenger An 800
Ogre Assassin Ti, Ar 500
Werewolf Trooper Te, An 800
Werewolf Gunner An 800
Kobold Croucher Ti, Ar 400
Kobold Scout Ar 400