[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

[GE-SG] Asoka In HCOF

About 2 weeks ago, GE-SG released Asoka in ABS. (See [GE-SG] Asoka In ABS for details.) Now, Asoka has also been added Hellena's Circus of Fate for 1 month, starting on Oct 21, 2010. The character card costs 2 Gold Tokens and her Sect of Moonlight stance book costs 1 Gold Token. Comparatively, each Draconic Weapon (AR32) costs 2 Gold Tokens, and Dragon Heart Recipe costs 1 Gold Token.

There are also new costumes, including Iberis (Brunie), Black Wisteria (Calyce), Curling Perm Hair (f/ele), and Bach (Rio) for 7-10 Tokens. See [HCOF] Launch of Asoka for details.


IAHGames has responded to speculations on other avenues of acquiring Asoka for GE-SG:

Due to the speculations about Asoka being in the cash/feso shop, we have submitted an enquiry to IMC. However, we found out that all Premium RNPC cards are not meant to be in Cash/Feso Shop. As part of the directive, the remaining 2 RNPC cards1 in the current 4.5 cash shop will be removed in 5.0.

Please note that this is a directive from them. Other GE versions do not have them in the cash shop as well, as replied by them (after we asked them about jGE).

On this note, we hope that there will be no further speculation about the future of Asoka. She is meant to be a premium character. [Source]

The baseline is, "Asoka cannot be placed in the cash shop/feso shop, no matter". Asoka is NEVER in feso/cash shop of kGE. It was only on their randomised platform to preserve her exclusivity. This is confirmed by IMC correspondence. kGE players have requested for a re-appearance of Asoka for them to obtain, but guess what, they were rejected as well. This meant that Asoka was taken OFF their platform... and have not appeared since.

Not forgetting, our HCOF Asoka promo is time limited as well. This is in line with their guidelines. If you think a little more, IAH will have no reason to limit these kind of premium content in such ways unless we are bound contractually. [Source]

1 Soho the Fighter and Idge the Battle Smith

In other editions, Asoka could be acquired through a quest event in Japan and through the Feso Shop in Taiwan. In both cases, the availability is for a limited period only. See Asoka Visits Japan and twGE v4.5 Update for more information and links.


Xenesis said…
that respond is making me worry about Valeria...
since Valeria is purple lined, and purple lined toons are considered exclusive. -.-
Ashardalon said…
I won't worry about Valeria, since her recruitment quest is part of an official patch. It's only characters with no official recruitment quest (e.g. ETS, BSI, Mifuyu, Asoka, variant Andre) that are subject to this.