[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Imperial Wheel R1

Imperial Wheel R1 (GE-JP) has been released for Oct 2010. See also GE-JP Costume Catalogue for more art. This month introduces a new weapon series based on the Tarot Deck's Major Arcana as theme. Other rewards include Valeria character card, Elite Arcanero Plate, and Draconic Sword. See アルカナシリーズ for the weapons.

Click on image above for full-size view.

Sword of the Fool
Sword • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 261
ATK Speed +10% • [Golpe] Level +1 • [Centella] Level +1

Rifle of the Hierophant
Bayonet • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 392
ATK Speed +10% • [Swift Shot] Level +1 • [Accuracy Shot] Level +1

Knuckle of the Emperor
Knuckle • ATK Rating 33 • ATK 200
ATK Speed +10% • [Elemental Kick] Level +1 • [Elemental Dragon] Level +1

Flame of Rages Costume Set
Body Costume + Hair • Male Fighter
Body Costume + Hair • Female Fighter
See お姉さまといっしょ・リボルドウェ編 for more screenshots.


frozen octofish said…
web bob/ponytail? i rike both. really nice color for the F fighter.

and DAYUM SEXY RIFLE. it suits romina pretty well, too. hahaha