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Gold Corn

When you kill a kobold or werewolf in Errac Tierra Dias or Tierra Noche, there is a 1% chance that you can (quite literally) beat the shit out of them. This Excrement Lump (aka Night Soil in GE-SG) can be used at the farm in Errac (I3/J3) to receive 1 Gold Corn. You can then exchange 10 Gold Corns for a random reward from Vagabond Peddler in New Opoluto (E3). The known rewards are:
  • 1 Amethyst Fragment
  • 1 Veteran G (14m) EXP Card
  • 3 Lv.90 F (150k) EXP Card
  • 1 Sabre Tiger Spinelle
  • 1 Elite Storm Cockatrice Spinelle*
  • 1 Amber Wasp Spinelle*
  • 1 Angler Spinelle*
  • 1 Escudo Preffer Amber
  • 1 Invisible Potion
  • 1 HQ Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
  • 2 Lv.92 Enchantment Chip
  • 2 Lv.96 Enchantment Chip
  • 1 Lv.100 Enchantment Chip
  • 10 Spearfish
  • 2 Moon Cake
  • 2 Lucky Pouch
  • 3 Handmade Chocolate
  • 3 Heart Choco
  • 1 Mission: Joaquin Defense Barrier


Note (*): These spinelles are sold by the Item Shop in Errac for 2.5m (Elite Storm Cockatrice), 5m (Amber Wasp), and 10m (Angler) vis each. See [v3.0 Feature] Paying Tribute to the Queen.

I have exchanged a fair amount of corns, and these are the rewards I received so far. This post will be updated if I find more possible rewards.