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Christmas Event 2012 -Updated-

IMC (Korea) has impeded Christmas event from Dec 06, 2012 to Jan 10, 2013. Santa Nunez is in Coimbra Nimrod Bridge, along with a huge Christmas Tree. As expected, the event is being exported to other regions. See the actual event page at 그라나도 에스파다 - 크리스마스 선물 이벤트, and event notice at [이벤트] 크리스마스 선물 이벤트 오픈.

1. Collect Christmas Coin!
Hunt monsters in any map for Christmas Coins. Trade the coins to Santa Nunez for Shabby Christmas Gift Box (20 Christmas Coins), Ordinary Christmas Gift Box (30 Christmas Coins), or Luxury Christmas Gift Box (40 Christmas Coins).

Open the box for Snowman (ATK Speed +10%), Christmas Tree (ATK +15%), or random cash items (e.g. Soul Crystal, Boost Potion, Principal Ampule). Luxury Christmas Gift Box can drop Event Enhanced Enchant Tranquilizer (aka Event Enhanced Enchant Sedative). The other items should be identifiable from the icons in the picture below. See here if you really need a list.

Alternatively, you can drop a box on the Christmas Tree to get 10/20/30% EXP buff for 12 hours, depending on which box is used.

Japan Special Event Shop!
The Christmas Coin shop for Japan servers is actually much better than those of other servers. The shop included other stuffs - White Christmas Costume (300 coins), Christmas Fantasy (rod costume for 500 coins), Christmas Rocket (back costume for 500 coins), and Crystal Rudolph (face costume for F/Ele for 500 coins).

Their Shabby Christmas Gift Boxes (10 coins) can drop:
  • Jormungand Belt
  • Defense Necklace (5 days - DR +2, HP +1500, DEF +10, Immunity +5)
  • Combat Necklace (5 days - AR +2, ATK +10%, ATK Speed +10%, Penetration +5)
Their Luxury Christmas Gift Box (35 coins) can drop: 
  • Enhanced Hope of Argus
  • Enhanced Shadow of the Abyss
  • Expert Enchantment Chips x3
  • Devil's Dream
  • Symbol of Naraka
  • Enhanced Enchant Sedative x3
U.S. Special Box Drops
G1 has also customized the box drops. See Christmas Event Patch Notes for list of drops.

2. Christmas Web Login Freebies (Korea)
Click on the event web page button during certain hours of Dec 24 and 25 to get freebies. Christmas Eve freebies are Christmas Fantasy (rod costume), Christmas Rocket (back costume), Crystal Rudolph (face costume for F/Ele). Christmas Day freebies are Rose Wings (7 days) x3, Catherine Christmas Costume Set for Catherine STR/DEX/INT, and Event Master Card.

Previously released in Christmas 2011. Click on image for full size view.

Edit: Added Catherine's Christmas Costume screenshot from 까뜨 크리스마스 코튬.

3. Santa's Stolen Goods
Talk to Santa Nunez to start a solo combat mission (30 minutes) 1/day. Kill the various Santa Adelina, Santa Bernelli, and Santa Emilia (Lv.1 • AR/DR 7) and loot their drops of random cash consumable items - Soul Crystals, Hermes Potions, Progressive Health/Soul Fillers, Triumph Fillers, Defensive Fillers, Boost Potions, AM Boosts, etc. Each mission should drop about 20-30 such items.

Christmas For Other Regions
The above event is pretty much being exported to other regional servers.
[US] Christmas Event Patch Notes (Dec 21 - Jan 02)
[SG] Christmas Event 2012 (Dec 20 - Jan 10)
[TW] 聖誕節禮物活動 (Dec 20 - Jan 02)
[CN] 与卓越之剑2一起过圣诞 (Dec 20 - Jan 03)
[TH] Granado Espada Christmas Event 2012 (Dec 17 - Jan 14)
[JP] ヌネズサンタの年越し!メリークリスマス! (Dec 20 - Jan 09)

Taiwan servers have also added Lyndon's Box, featuring Pioneer Grandma and Sharon's costume, for Dec 12-25, 2012. Singapore servers featured PPL & HCOF Update to include Nero Croma and the various Santa costumes (except Catherine).


Silfo said…
where it's the image of cath's christmas constume?
Ashardalon said…
I updated & checked kGE client a few days ago. The costume is not inside the game client yet. I guess they will patch it in sometime before Christmas.
Ashardalon said…
Costume preview available at Frontier Dec 2012.
Thao Thao said…
wahh i don't remember anything. Why is the little devil boy don't remember anything? Who is the kids on motorbikes? Why is 'nique look like a guy.. and those spying triangle with wings omg omg....
Ashardalon said…
G1 also injects Christmas Gift box for accounts that login on Christmas. See here. The drops are:
- Red Santa Costume x5 (1 for each stock character)
- Santa Hat x3
- Christmas Rocket x3
- Christmas Fantasy x1
- Christmas Stocking x25
- Christmas Tree x25
- Snowman x25
- Snow Spray x50
- Happy New Year Firecracker x50
- Event Citadel of the Gods Pass (1 day) x3