Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Coimbra Bridge Missions

From v10.6 onwards, Coimbra Nimrod Bridge will become a hub location to start various missions. This blog post serves as an index page, and will be updated with links as more mission guides are posted. See also ニムロッド橋 (Japanese).

Ancient Blessing Statue (I5) replaces El Antiguo Patrimonio, which has been removed from Queen's Gate and Thueringen Lakeside. It grants EXP +20%, ATK Rating +1, and DEF Rating +1 for 24 hours, costing 300 reputation points. In v10.18, there will also be a Pioneer Support buff for EXP, Stance EXP, or Drop Rate, usable 1/day for free. You can get the buffs at any time of the day.

Coimbra Mercenary (I5) lets you start various daily "mercenary" missions in v10.6. He also offers repeatable hunt quests to kill the mission boss(es). Each quest rewards either Veteran Polish x2 or Veteran B EXP Card x3.

Joaquin Barrier Siege
Joaquin Barrier Defense
Dead Man's Rhapsody
Al Quelt Moreza Hollow
Tetra Antiquities Room
Porto Bello, St. Cathrina Saloon
Prison de Joaquin, Corridor of Assize

Room of the Dead
Dark Swamp - Angler Hunting Ground
Mine Passage - Merman Eater's Nest
Balanced Room - Nightmare Unicorn
Ice Wizard's Tower - Leo Room
Bahama - Greed of Treasure Box
Strange Dungeon - Gullfaxi

Solo Raid Mission Guard (I5) will replace the Team Arena NPC in v10.18. (Team Arena missions will be removed then.) The new NPC will start the old "Federigo" raid missions (v4.5) instead. In v10.6, you have to start these missions from their original locations (e.g. Ustiur Zona Uno), but they have become solo missions (i.e. 1 family only) with no need for lobby keys. The gate summon items (e.g. Platinum Maul) are still needed.

Sharffenberger the Cursed


Squad Raid Mission Guard (I8) will replace the Pegadilla Mercenary for Poison Yard in v10.18. The new NPC will start the squad raid missions from one easily accessible location. All of these missions are also available in v10.6, but you need to go to different maps to start. See individual entries for actual locations.

Einwind - Gate of Lightning
Novia - Gate of Ice

Argus - Cabeza de Gigante
Sekhmet - Inside the Crater


Christus X said…
you may add info about the keys for the mercenary missions. only the first 3 doesn't need keys (Siege, Defense, and Rhapsody) the rest requires keys, some may drop from mini bosses or mobs (Al Quelt/Tetra/Porto Bello)/Prison de Joaquin/ROTD), the remaining ones require keys that you can buy from Old Merchant in Bahama Base Camp using Expedition Memos/Boxes. All raids except Joaquin Barrier may drop symbols, the type of symbol depends on the boss.
Ashardalon said…
Yah, I'd be putting the key info in the individual mission posts later.