[KOR] New Premium Character—Kiss (키스). See [YouTube] Skill Motions.

Imperial Wheel V: Christmas 2012

Imperial Wheel V: Special Edition (Japan) is now available from Dec 25, 2012 to Jan 09, 2013. See 貴族シリーズ for a list of Aristocrat weapon series. Other prizes include Greek Croma, Fate of Castilla, Nero Croma, General Plate, Expert Enchantment Chip x1000, etc.

Heyran Special Set
Heyran Character Card
Upgraded [Femme Fatale] Ring
Upgraded [Dagger Polish] Ring
Dagger of Higgins
  • Dagger • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 210
  • ATK +10% vs. All Races • Penetration +8 • Critical +10

Marchetti Special Set
Marchetti Character Card
Upgraded [Distortion Cube] Ring
Cube of Gridley
  • Cube • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 300
  • ATK +10% vs. All Races • ATK Speed +10% • Max SP +15% • Magic Penetration +5

Veatrice Special Set
Veatrice Character Card
[Tempest] Stance Book
Upgraded [Tempest] Ring
Upgraded [Enchanted Arm] Ring
Lightning Bangle of Porter
  • Lightning Bracelet • ATK Rating 34 • ATK 295
  • ATK +10% vs. All Races • ATK Speed +10% • Max SP +15% • Lightning Penetration +5

Blade of Insincere Costume
Weapon Costume • Sword [STR +2]
Variant color texture using model of Blade of Insincere.

Le Talent de la Perle Costume
Weapon Costume • Rod [INT +3]
The weapon version was released in Imperial Wheel XI.

L'Harmonie de la Pierre de la Lune Costume
Weapon Costume • Dagger [STR +2]
The weapon version was released in Imperial Wheel XI.

Sniper Grace
Sniper Grace Character Card
See also the event notice - スナイパーグレイス登場!!.

Dress Suit Costume
Body Costume + Hat • Catherine STR/DEX/INT

Alchemist Costume
Body Costume • Veronif

Christmas Costume Set
Body Costumes + Hats • Emilia, Asoka, Valeria
Previously released in Imperial Wheel V: Christmas 2011.