Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Taiwan Update B1.0.7

WAYI (Taiwan) has updated their Granado Espada to B1.0.7 on Dec 05, 2012. You can download the game client here. See 【GE王者之劍】工業革命,全新旅程即將展開! for the update mini-site, and 《GE王者之劍R》工業革命版更更新項目 for patch notes.

  • New Maps - Kielce, Kielce Night, Kielce Laboratory
  • New Characters - Marchetti, Barrel, Sharon
  • New System - Artifacts, Family Level Buff, No More Promotion Scrolls!

New Update Events: Dec 05, 2012 - Jan 09, 2013
  • Talk to Event NPC daily for free event cash items (e.g. Soul Crystals). On the 25th time, get a free Cadet Adriana character card. 
  • Login weekly to get a costume jewel (30 days) + a face costume (e.g. Ralph's Monocle). If you login for all 35 days, you will get a free Sword of Ex Machina. There is also a chance to win real prizes (e.g. phone, computer).
  • Players who have not login since Sep 30, 2012 will get a set of event cash items, if they login during event period. The items include Extra Vault Space (800), Home Premium Service, Premium Wing Coupons, etc.
  • Create a new family during event period to get free character cards - Romina, Emilia, Adelina, Claire, and Grace. 
  • EXP +100% boost during event period.
They have also introduced the rune-light weapons in their web game - 光之武器第一彈: 朵恩的光之巨劍、妮特的光之法杖.