Taiwan Update B1.0.7

WAYI (Taiwan) has updated their Granado Espada to B1.0.7 on Dec 05, 2012. You can download the game client here. See 【GE王者之劍】工業革命,全新旅程即將展開! for the update mini-site, and 《GE王者之劍R》工業革命版更更新項目 for patch notes.

  • New Maps - Kielce, Kielce Night, Kielce Laboratory
  • New Characters - Marchetti, Barrel, Sharon
  • New System - Artifacts, Family Level Buff, No More Promotion Scrolls!

New Update Events: Dec 05, 2012 - Jan 09, 2013
  • Talk to Event NPC daily for free event cash items (e.g. Soul Crystals). On the 25th time, get a free Cadet Adriana character card. 
  • Login weekly to get a costume jewel (30 days) + a face costume (e.g. Ralph's Monocle). If you login for all 35 days, you will get a free Sword of Ex Machina. There is also a chance to win real prizes (e.g. phone, computer).
  • Players who have not login since Sep 30, 2012 will get a set of event cash items, if they login during event period. The items include Extra Vault Space (800), Home Premium Service, Premium Wing Coupons, etc.
  • Create a new family during event period to get free character cards - Romina, Emilia, Adelina, Claire, and Grace. 
  • EXP +100% boost during event period.
They have also introduced the rune-light weapons in their web game - 光之武器第一彈: 朵恩的光之巨劍、妮特的光之法杖.