Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Hidden Truth

Crazy Emilia's sub-quests are added in v10.18. They are required to recruit Sharon later. The following is translated from 暗黒エミリア-サブクエスト. All quests must be done in sequence.

[100] Dark Emilia: Emilia's Institute
Prerequisites: Completed Crazy Emilia recruitment quests.
  1. Trigger quest mail by moving to Coimbra.
  2. Attempt to enter Emilia's Institute in Coimbra (C8).
  3. Talk to Gertrude in Auch (G8).
  4. Talk to Isabella in Auch (G9).

[100] Dark Emilia: Procuring Cake Ingredients
  1. Collect Cabosse x10 by killing phobitan monsters in Tetra Ruins.
  2. Collect Wheat Flour x10. You can grow them in Ustiur Farm, or loot them by killing human monsters in El Lago de Tres Hermanas or Jezebel Glen.
  3. Buy Ferruccio Milk x10 from Camille in Coimbra (F10) or Girl in Queen's Gate (F11).
  4. Collect Apatosaurus Egg x1 (quest item) by killing Apatosaurus in Ustiur Zona Cuatro.
  5. Talk to Isabella in Auch (G9) to receive Royal Chocolate Cake.

[100] Dark Emilia: Reunion
  1. Trigger combat mission at Emilia's Institute in Coimbra (C8).
  2. Fight Crazy Emilia for 15 minutes. You do not need to win.
  3. Attempt to enter Emilia's Institute in Coimbra (C8).

[100] Dark Emilia: False Memory
  1. Talk to Emilia in Coimbra.

[100] Dark Emilia: Hidden Truth
Reward: Veteran G EXP Card x1.
  1. Trigger story mission in Snowfield of the Ice Wizard (E4). Crazy Emilia must be in the team.
  2. Talk to Emilia in Coimbra, and give her Royal Chocolate Cake.


Jack said…
I didn't realize that I would have had a combat instance and was defeated instantly with my afk character. It still progressed the quest, so defeating Emilia within that 15 minutes is not required.
Ashardalon said…
I see. I was wondering about that, cos the wiki seemed to say something like "be defeated by Emilia". I thought it might be a mistranslation. Now it makes sense, especially since the wiki didn't bother to give the stats for that fight.

Thanks for clarifying. Updated.
BeyondShaddow said…
Is Crazy Emilia required to have in team to continue this quest?
Ashardalon said…
Hm. The wiki doesn't specifically mention any character required in the team (it does for other quests), so I guess it isn't needed. Just have to complete her recruitment quest.
Deny Fabianto said…
the ETR in there has > 100 AR in sGE. u would be OHKOed anyway