Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Update Preview - Kano Kielce

Last week, IMC (Korea) has released a new update preview article - 업데이트 미리보기 - 영입NPC 카노 키엘체. The contents are also previewed in Frontier: Dec 2012.

1. Bristia 4th Scenario Quests
Added Bristia 4th Scenario quests. To start, you must move to Kielce after completing Bristia 3rd Scenario quests (involving J.D. recruitment). Simon and Veronif investigate further. The Resistance and the Blood Navy engage in conflict.

2. New Character - Kano Kielce (B1.5.9)
Added more Loli to the game - Kano Kielce. Kano is the aide of Blood Navy General, Reynolds. She is part of Bristia MCC team. See Blue Moon Waltz - Kano for more details on the character, and [캐릭터/스탠스] 카노 영입 퀘스트 for Kano Recruitment Quests.

Her stances are [Fortitudo], [Enhanced Tactics], and her unique [Storytelling]. A new weapon type - Encyclopedia - allows her to use the latter 2 stances. [Storytelling] is an attack stance which also debuffs enemy with [Stun], [Burn], and [Panic]. It also has a buff skill [Wall of Curan] that reduces enemy skill damage. No stance book required for [Storytelling]; she is created with the stance.

3. New Gigante Beach Games
Added new games to Gigante Beach. The 1st game allows you to shoot flying Enchantment Chips... presumably for chips. The 2nd game is essentially Whac-A-Mole, requiring you to hit Capybaras that appear out of holes. The 3rd game involves whacking a Phobitan Imp to knocking it flying.

There is also a mission to infiltrate the camp soldiers. You can extend the mission duration by acquiring certain items inside.


Silfo said…
storyteller skills are related to some heroic people, but i can't remember all of them (also kind of remenber fate/stay nigth anime)