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Greed of Treasure Box

See Coimbra Bridge Missions for a list of other available missions. This mission was first introduced in v10.4.1.

Update: This mission has been deleted in v19.71.76. See Patch Notes - October 23, 2013.

Mission Information
Location: Coimbra Nimrod Bridge (I5)
Entry Cost: Key [Bahama - Greed of Treasure Box] (1 per family)
Frequency: 1/day
Duration: 20 minutes
Participants (v10.4.1): 1-10 families (MCC3)
Participants (v10.18): 1-12 families (MCC3)
Reward Type: Roulette

The key can be acquired from Wandering Merchant in Bahama Base Camp (E3) with Expedition Memo x30, which commonly drops in all 4 Bahama swamp maps (but not Underground Cave).

The mission objective is to open all treasure boxes (up to 37), which are scattered throughout the map. There are 6 types of treasure boxes - STR, AGI, CON, DEX, INT, and CHA. Click on the box until it disappears. When it disappears, a zone notice will announce how many boxes were opened out of the total number. An unopened box remains, and must be clicked upon again.

The success rate depends on the character's attribute scores. For example, a character with STR 60 and DEX 90 will have 90% chance of opening a DEX treasure box and 60% chance of opening a STR treasure box. Therefore, bringing characters with diverse attributes is recommended. A sample team would be Grandies (STR 110, CON 90) + Elementalist (INT 110, CHA 70) + Grace Bernelli (DEX 120, AGI 70).

There will be a boss monster, Rich King, that will hunt you down as you click on treasure boxes. You do not need to kill it to complete the mission. However, the quest from Coimbra Mercenary will require 1 kill. It is basically a modified King of Greed, with its standard melee attacks and ranged poison shots. It can buff [Protect] on itself as usual.
Rich King • Lv.125 • Undead • Hard Armor • None • Large
HP 5,832,000 • ATK Rating 64 • ATK 5,678 • DEF Rating 64 • DEF 108
RES • Fire 63, Ice 58, Lightning 58, Mental 58 • Penetration 10 • Immunity 10
[Protect] ATK 6,813 • DEF Rating 66 • DEF 158 • Penetration 65
Once all the treasure boxes are opened, the roulette chest will appear.

Roulette Reward
Bonus roulette costs 50,000 vis.
  • Symbol of Sagittarius (v10.4.1) or Constellation Symbol Box (v10.20.2)
  • Lv.100 Weapon/Armor
  • Lv.92 Elite Weapon/Armor
  • Lv.84 Elite Weapon/Armor
  • Elemental Jewel
  • Shiny Crystal Chest
  • Portable Ancient Star Orb Box
  • Honor Card A
  • EXP Card - Grade 69 x10

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