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Merry Christmas!

Sadly, since the world did not end on Dec 21, we just have to make do with another Christmas. At any rate, the Christmas event mission gives quite a good amount of Soul Crystals. See Christmas Event 2012 for details.

Such eschatological failure of prophecy has been parodied by Terry Pratchett in the form of the Apocralypse. 
The Apocralypse is the end of the world, so named because it is an apocryphal apocalypse, nobody is sure when it will happen, how it will happen, and whether it will happen in the here-and-now sense. The Tea-Time of the Gods, when the Ice Giants will march against them for the last time, probably without even giving them the lawnmower back first. [Source]
Those who haven't read the Christmas excerpt from Pratchett's Hogfather can still read it here.

Wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Oh, and this is my blog's 1,000th post! Heheheh.

Image from Sword Art Online, Episode 03 - Red-Nosed Reindeer side story.
Download UTW fansub episode here, or read the light novel vol.2 chapt.4 here.

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