Recruit Selene quest guide has been updated.

Journal - Panfilo the Wendigo

Since the last journal entry 2 months ago, we have trained up a few more characters. Zarathustra (Lionel) and Lisbeth (BSI) were promoted to Master. We don't really remember who else gained level any more, but we finally updated the Family Profile. Panfilo the Chef was recruited, and renamed as Wendigo, after the cannibalistic winter spirit of the North American native culture. Together, they raised the family to Lv.54+3.

Like everybody else, our family was mostly farming Alphabet Boxes for the past 2 months. We used up 1 Master Explorer Pack and a few Citadel of the Gods Passes. We "hatched" a Black Dragon Pet, and named it Bahamut, after the Arabian mythic creature which has been re-imagined as a dragon king by Dungeons & Dragons and later role-playing games.

Since we got the promotional characters already, we started to collect the mechanical weapon series. Based on the data tables currently inside the game client, the remaining unreleased mechanical weapons are Raze Anchor Knuckle, Assembly Logic Bangle (elemental bracelet), and Screw Bolt Crossbow. Note that the mechanical tome (aka Knowledge of Mechanism) does not exist in the game client at time of post, so it is unlikely the weapon will ever be added, especially since the characters who can use it do not exist as yet. However, the current client contains another set of unreleased weapon series - Fallen Angel's Curse, which was released in Japan after arcana series and before mechanical series. See Web Games blog posts from April to September 2011. It is unknown if they would be released before the servers shutdown though.

All the passive farming resulted in less active raiding for a lot of players. We even stopped going after the mini-bosses in Lucifer's Basement Laboratory, as many of the drops were no longer worth as much as they used to be. Our collection of raid boss materials was done, so we now wait for the new patch for easier access to Devil's Dreams.

After stalling for a long time, we went back to uncover the secret of Prison de Joaquin since it was clear that IMC no longer cares about the Puzzle Pieces (so no sense in collecting them). Dr. Fran Mothtein revealed that he was yet another experiment subject of Montoro, who was the mastermind behind the Resident Evil plague in the prison. Dr. Fran, Grace Bernelli, Garcia, and Eduardo were all from Bristia. Garcia himself was actually part of Bristia Special Forces. This quest must be completed for the extended Grace Bernelli's sub-quest (see here) in the next patch.

For a few weeks, the server clock was messed up for several maps. This led to temporary items going poof! before their expiry dates. (See here for links of related forum topics.) On the plus side, sometimes missions were also messed up by the clock, allowing free and/or repeated entries.

Since we joined Dronarati society in late August (see here), we had been staying out of Legion Wars, partly to retain the Lv.8 Pegadilla rank/buff, and partly due to the inconvenient timing of the weekly event. Recently, we rejoined the war, this time on the royalist side. Staying out of combat for another 4 weeks finally got us [God] medal for 25 consecutive survivals (i.e. no death). It took quite some time to get it since all the previous disconnections resulted in "no count" for tracking medal prerequisites. Now, we can die as much as we like without concerns for count reset. We also managed to poison and recover our way to Lv.3 rank.